Crystal EnGenz

Reiki sessions and classes, Chrystal therapy and related intuitively creative items



Handcrafted gemstone jewellery, slabs, cabochons and faceted stones


Siberian Mammoth

Paleolithic fossils, woolly mammoth ivory, fine mineral specimens, lapidary art, native precious metals



High-end gemstone beads


Silvia Findings

Original manufacturer of Italian Quality Sterling Silver Findings


Thunder Creek Rockshop

Rocks Crystals Fossils Minerals Jewellery


Silver Street Jewellers

Wide variety of sterling silver jewellery with genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones


Capilano Rock & Gem

Serving jewellery industry since 1976



Faceted gems, cabochons, minerals, crystals, jewellery


The Happy Prospector

Rock & Gem Shop


Sisters in Laws

Crystal and gemstone jewelry, specifically coded and named for a purpose


Ancient Sun Amber

The best quality amber from all over the world


Tina Clelland

Energy life coach


Stones & Weave

One of a kind, handmade bracelets and necklaces


Crystal Rockin Mineral Shop

Wide variety of high vibration, high quality gem crystals and mineral specimens


Zaleska Jewelry

Crystal jewelry and accessories for the modern bohème


Expressions of Time

We sells rocks and crystals from all over the world, for people interested in both geological and metaphysical aspects of the rocks



Natural gemstones, silver jewellery


C & D Gemcraft

Custom made gemstone jewellery. Rocks and mineral specimens


Alberta Mineral & Gem

Gems and minerals


Kootenay Sam

Gold panning


137 Gems

Wire wrapped jewellery, various cabs and specimens


Timeless Gems

A mix of jewelry specimens rocks and minerals


Saracen Canada

Jewellery and coloured gemstones